Spring 2016 ♦ Volume 1, Number 1

Pearl S. Buck Literary Journal

It is most fitting that this first installment of the new online Journal of the Pearl S. Buck Writing Center should take as its theme gateways, doors, windows, and openings of all kinds.  For the entire history of human written communication, text of all sorts has provided for its readers portals, entry ways into new worlds of thought, experience and imagination. The newest sort of window – computer, e-reader and cell phone screens –  has expanded exponentially the number of new worlds now available to readers.

This newest journal, with its offerings of essays, stories, and poetry, seeks to publish material that resonates with the values and mission of Pearl S. Buck International and its founder, activist, humanitarian, and prize-winning author Pearl S. Buck. Ms. Buck was known for her ability to break down walls of ignorance and prejudice separating cultures, genders, and races, opening up windows of understanding and opportunity. She worked diligently to create entry ways and access to freedom, equality, and dignity for all people, especially the marginalized children of the world.

We hope that the readings in this first volume and future volumes will lead readers through doors and gateways into worlds enlightened and informed by this great human being.

 Carol A. Breslin, PhD
Professor of English emerita
Gwynedd Mercy University

(Click title to read selection. Author’s biography at end of contribution)

Gateways into The Good Earth: Myth & Archetype

Essay by Carol Breslin

Ite, Missa Est

Poem by Susan Wagner, BA, ABD

Gateway to a Better Life

Memoir by Beverly Sce


Flight to An Orphanage

Poem by John McCabe


Girl Scouting: Gateway to Shared Cultures

Essay by Jane Bleam

Later, That Same Life

Short Story by Robert Moulthrop

Shimmering Threads of Living Light

Poem by Tim Jost

The Bird House Builders

Short Story by John McCabe


Essay by Lois Hazel

An Unusual Day

Memoir by Carol L. Kretovich

Shuttling Time

Poem by Meredith Betz

Mary Gertrude and the Paycock Rug

Short Story by Anne K. Kaler

The Irishman’s Song – Chapter One

Excerpt from a Published Novel by Paul Sullivan

Pearl – Prologue

Excerpt from an Unpublished Novel by Susan Wagner, BA, ABD

The Five

Excerpt from an Unpublished Novel by Jennifer Klepsch

Empire of Dirt

Excerpt from an Unpublished Novel by Melissa Triol

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