Literary Journal – Spring 2016

Flight to an Orphanage

Poem by John McCabe


Her first plane ride – she flew so far –

hearing first that sound of power,

thrusting metal wings into alien air,

bearing infant girls beside her

from distance half the earth awaiting.

As excited secrets, the gentle sharing

over cold and ancient land, jets of fire,

and the infants two so small, waiting.

Two lives in China nest in sorrow –

one a Blue Jay and one a Sparrow,

flying from where the wind is made –

To pray, to play, to live the newest day

And all to love forever, because of her.


John McCabe, a lifelong writer in all genres, is an active member of the Writers Guild at the Pearl S. Buck Writing Center. His novel The Sanctity of Remembering centers on his experience as a young soldier undergoing atomic bomb testing in Nevada and is actively seeking a publisher.