Pearl S. Buck International serves children

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Each year, Pearl S. Buck International provides tens of thousands of the world’s most vulnerable children with access to basic education, life-saving nutrition and medical care—tools which are critical to breaking the cycle of poverty and helping children and families become self-reliant.

We also preserve Pearl S. Buck’s National Historic Landmark home and interpret its history to inspire thousands of visitors through tours and cross-cultural community programs so they can continue her humanitarian legacy.


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Pearl S. Buck Writing Center

Writing at a Writer’s House

 Join us at the National Historic Landmark site where Pearl S. Buck penned many of her literary works. Whether you want to learn about publishing a book, writing non-fiction, submitting a manuscript of your memoirs, our year-round calendar of writing events and classes will give you the tools you need to bring out your best literary work.

Pearl S. Buck typewriter

Our monthly Writers Guild meetings (the third Sunday afternoons from March to October) are where we share and critique our writing work-in-progress. In a friendly atmosphere, we encourage, support, and challenge writers to improve whether they are experienced writers or beginners. Our monthly Newsletter provides updates on the latest ideas on the writing craft and its opportunities. Guild members may also use request editing assistance from our skilled editorial staff. Continue reading “Please join us…”

April Guild session celebrates Journal

by Linda Donaldson, Editor

A merry dozen members gathered for the April 17th Writers Guild meeting, and celebrated the inaugural issue of the Pearl S. Buck Literary Journal, Spring 2016.

For those for whom life gets in the way, here is a brief summary of our meeting last Sunday at our Cultural Center.

Next meeting is May 15, 2016 at 1:30 p.m.

We began with a discussion of the new blog post of the Literary Journal. Anne K. Kaler and I explained the concept of “following” the blog and encouraged all to become followers and share the blog on their Facebook page.

Anne discussed the term “developmental editing” and its application to one’s own work to help structure and Continue reading “April Guild session celebrates Journal”

Spring 2016 ♦ Volume 1, Number 1

Pearl S. Buck Literary Journal

It is most fitting that this first installment of the new online Journal of the Pearl S. Buck Writing Center should take as its theme gateways, doors, windows, and openings of all kinds.  For the entire history of human written communication, text of all sorts has provided for its readers portals, entry ways into new worlds of thought, experience and imagination. The newest sort of window – computer, e-reader and cell phone screens –  has expanded exponentially the number of new worlds now available to readers.

This newest journal, with its offerings of essays, stories, and poetry, seeks to publish material that resonates with the values and mission of Pearl S. Buck International and its Continue reading “Spring 2016 ♦ Volume 1, Number 1”