Irish Eyes Will Smile on July 12th

The Pearl S. Buck Writing Center is proud to announce a book signing, on Tuesday, July 12th from noon to 2pm at the Lansdale Public Library, by author Paul Sullivan for his new novel The Irishman’s Song – A Story of Love & Rebellion.

Irish Front Cover OnlyA tale of the 1916 Easter Rising and the Irish Civil War, The Irishman’s Song weaves adventure and survival into themes of loyalty, love and friendship –represented by the symbols on the Irish Claddagh ring – the crown, the heart and the hands.

The Irishman’s Song was published by the Pearl S. Buck Writing Center Press. Paul graciously contributed the first chapter to our Spring 2016 Literary Journal. Be sure to stop by and meet Paul and hear more about his new book.

Born in Trenton, New Jersey, Sullivan was raised in Tennessee and enjoyed a boyhood of camping, fishing and hunting in the South with his father who encouraged in him a love for books and education. After a move to Pennsylvania at fourteen, Sullivan became bored and restless in school. He dropped out and began working while continuing to read and learn.

Sullivan’s previous novels have themes of adventure and survival. The Legend of the North. Keewatin, The Unforgiving Land, Maata’s Journal and The Seal Hunters are all set in the Arctic; The Spirit Walker in Africa; A Burning of Prayers in Guatemala; Torn from the Sun in Peru and Spain; and Breaker at Dawn in the coal mines of Pennsylvania.

Sullivan traveled around the world, gathering a wealth of stories to tell. He now resides in Bristol, PA and is a member of the Pearl S. Buck Writers’ Guild.

Spring 2016 ♦ Volume 1, Number 1

Pearl S. Buck Literary Journal

It is most fitting that this first installment of the new online Journal of the Pearl S. Buck Writing Center should take as its theme gateways, doors, windows, and openings of all kinds.  For the entire history of human written communication, text of all sorts has provided for its readers portals, entry ways into new worlds of thought, experience and imagination. The newest sort of window – computer, e-reader and cell phone screens –  has expanded exponentially the number of new worlds now available to readers.

This newest journal, with its offerings of essays, stories, and poetry, seeks to publish material that resonates with the values and mission of Pearl S. Buck International and its Continue reading “Spring 2016 ♦ Volume 1, Number 1”