Make Your Pages Your Testimony

By Linda Wisniewski

“Each of us is a witness stand.” That was the title of a writing workshop I attended years ago. We are all witnesses to history as it is happening, so even though we don’t make decisions as historians about what to record, we do have the power to decide what we want others to know about our reflections on this period.

Linda Wisniewski

When the terrorist attacks on the U.S. occurred on Sept 11, 2001, I heard about people calling their parents and grandparents to ask how they felt on December 7, 1941. Both generations witnessed an attack on American soil. What the people of 2001 wanted to know most was “were you scared? How did you handle it? What was your life like in the days that followed?” This is why it’s so important to record our stories in any form – memoir, short story, novel or even poetry. We read to learn how others lived, and we write to share our own personal history. Continue reading “Make Your Pages Your Testimony”

Writers Guild Zoom Meetings for 2023

The Pearl S. Buck Writing Center’s 2023 Writers Guild will zoom meet on the 3rd Sundays, monthly from March 19th through October 15th, from 1-3 to share and critique our writing works-in-progress. In a friendly atmosphere, we encourage, support and challenge our adult writers to improve, whether they are experienced writers or beginners. All genres of literature are welcome from novels and short fiction to memoirs, essays and poetry by all levels of writers.

$80 Registration required (*see below for details) the total of 8 Zoom meetings [March 19th, April 16th, May 28th (4th Sun this month only), June 18th, July 16th, August 20th, September 17th, and October 15th] Continue reading “Writers Guild Zoom Meetings for 2023”

Memoir Classes for 2023

Memoir Classes – via Zoom and In-person – for 2023

PSBVA’s Linda Wisniewski will once again offer her very popular 6 month Zoom Memoirs Writing Classes starting on the 1st Monday evenings from 7-9 pm beginning February 6 through July 3. [Feb. 6th, March 6th, April 3rd, May 1st, June 5th, and July 3rd]

Linda’s 6 month, In-person Memoirs Class will meet in the Cultural Center on the 3rd Wednesday afternoons from 1-3 pm. beginning May 17 through October 18. [May 17th, June 21st, July 19th, August 16th, September 20th, & October 18th]

$200 registration required (*see below for details) for each 6 month class, either Zoom or In-person.

These two classes will guide you towards centering on one segment of your life and turning it into a compelling story, whether your goal is to share it with family and friends or to publish it for a wider audience. Continue reading “Memoir Classes for 2023”

Musings on Chaos and Order

By Linda Donaldson

Since we have had but a few submissions for the Winter 2022-23 Pearl S. Buck Literary Journal, we Editors decided to extend our deadline to February 28th, 2023. The theme of this issue of the journal is Chaos or Order.

To encourage your writings, I revisited our theme topics and considered the various meanings of the two words we chose. Perhaps my musings might jump start a story, memoir or poem for submission.

First, “chaos” is usually defined as a state of utter confusion and disorder, thus the antithesis of order. Other references in literature suggest a gaping void, an abyss, a yawning gulf or chasm, or an amorphous lump. Chaos in government or military ranks is often described as anarchy.

The word “order” by contrast has many meanings and is contained in dozens of idioms. Order can denote rank, grade or class such as a social division or stratum. It can indicate a body of persons of the same profession, occupation or pursuits regarded as a separate class in the community, such as clergy.

Order can refer to a rank in a scale of importance of persons or things distinguished from others by nature or character. In natural history classification, order is just below “class” and above “family” in the hierarchy of animals, vegetables and minerals.

Used to denote a sequence or succession in space or time, order can describe the course or method of occurrence or action. It describes the condition in which everything is in its proper place.

In legal terms order can mean the maintenance and observance of law or constituted authority. Legal terms in use are court order, out of order, by order of the court, and today’s order of business.

Purchasing items – now done in person, via email, telephone or online – has resulted in these phrases: place an order, on order, back order and repeat order.

Keep Writing!

Click here for a link to our Submission Guidelines for the Pearl S. Buck Literary Journal, Winter 2022-23.