Literary Journal – Spring 2016

Ite, Missa Est

Poem by Susan  E. Wagner


Go. You have been sent.


Go. Out in the world

for its salvation. Go.


Do not wait. You have

been sent to be in the world

but not of the world. You

are the light, the shining

star of hope. Go.


You must not wait. You

have a sacred trust. You

have the harder way, to

be both pathfinder and

follower, chalice and wine.


Go. You have been sent.


Your time is only now,

an eternal now. Go.

Do not wait. The world

has need of you, will

accept and reject you,

love and hate you.

follow and ignore you.


All is as it should be.

Go. You have been sent.


Susan Wagner, a former therapist, facilitated creative and poetry writing group therapies. She’s published poetry, short stories and feature articles for many years and taught both creative and business writing. Susan is currently finishing her second novel and is an editor with The Pearl S. Buck Writing Center.