A Memoir by Jane Bleam

All my life I have had the ability to see what is going to happen in the future. My type of extra sensory perception or “sixth sense” is the ability perceive information without using my five physical senses.

Clairvoyance comes from a French word “Clair” meaning “Clear” and “voyance” meaning “vision.”

“One Easter, another student’s father was driving a group of students home for the holiday. My family was expected to pick me up at the Valley Forge exit off the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

I had a vision for over a month that my parents would be in an automobile accident not too far from their home, and that they both were killed. Can you imagine living with a vision like this for a month? I really didn’t feel this could happen.

The father of one of my classmates picked us up at our college in West Virginia and was driving us to Pennsylvania. All of us lived in the same geographical area. It took seven and half hours from the college to reach the Valley Forge exit.

I was tired from the ride and happy to see my family waiting for me. After transferring me and my luggage into my brother’s car, we were ready to head home. My brother Bill and his wife Maggie talked with me for a while.

In the back of my mind, I kept thinking and asked, “Why aren’t Mom and Dad picking me up?”

Oh, no! It can’t be true! As I waited for my brother’s answer, I kept thinking about my vision. Maybe it is true!

Bill spoke, “Mother and Dad were in an automobile accident not far from the house. Dad has broken ribs and is quite uncomfortable. Mother is very upset about the situation and has been taking care of Dad, who is not so easy to live with when he isn’t feeling well.” Aren’t we all the same when we are ill too?

I relaxed after hearing the information about the accident. My family doesn’t believe in clairvoyance and I knew that it would be difficult to explain my vision to them. They would ask “How did you know about their accident?” Furthermore, they would not appreciate my insight and would wonder, “Why I hadn’t telephoned Mom and Dad about the upcoming accident?”

Laura Jane Michie-Bleam is a retired Professor Emerita of Nursing at Montgomery County College in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, who served the college for thirty-two years. She traveled extensively, and was often required to write or speak to groups about her travels. Her interest in children led her to take writing courses from the Institute of Children’s Literature.