The Secret of the Double Knot

By Anne K. Kaler

Each day, I bend to tie my shoes –

Old ladies’ flat-heeled clumsy ones.

Each day, I loop-de-loop the laces round –

Tighter now to my foot in place.

Each day, I tie and tie again that double knot –

Snapping the second knot more tight.


Each night, I must untie both knots –

A nuisance when sleep beckons me.

Each night, I toe my tied shoes off –

Discarding work and woe.

Each night, I know the laces’ knots

Will stay secure and safe til morn.


My loves are knitted, knotted so

With laces tugged and twined alike

To form my life with tight-ted knots –

Double knots for lasting loves –

To keep me steady and firm of foot –

Those double-knotted loves of life.

Anne K. Kaler, Ph.D. As a life-long reader, Anne (always with an “e”) is now attempting to read every book in the universe, while helping to publishing more. Surprised to learn that she was actually a teacher, she persisted in that field for nearly fifty years until she started volunteering at PSB.