A Poem by Rebecca L. Manooogian


The sideways sun took hold of me

Contesting, the day is not done


has it just begun

it is an in-between


I’m leaning into love

the sun of in-between


immeasurable possibilities.

 Its reflections dance here, and there.

Creating potential everywhere


The chaos

in the in-between

can feed my doubts.

What does it mean?

Uncertainty looms over head.

What path?

what if? why not?

Is all I said.


The morning sun allows for room

It beckons me at Eastern’s call

Youth feels right.

Old, not so much


 not at all.


In-between, are you my Friend?

Your unrelenting, breath upon me,

Challenging, yes, prodding

for all eternity

I claim this land of uncertainty

And expose the yet-to-be’s

Freeing me to


Uniquely, me.


The root of all is planted in you” Baula of Bengal

Rebecca Long Manoogian is a retired nursery school teacher and former camp director. Rebecca enjoys spiritual education, contemplation and discovering new ways to be creative. A certified Zentangle teacher and Spiritual Director, she enjoys creating textile art and is an avid quilter. Inspiring others to discover their own unique creativity is what energizes and draws her to both Spiritual Direction and Zentangle. Nature is her inspiration and she enjoys unearthing new ways of expressing what draws her closer to the Divine. She is currently pursuing her passion for spirituality, nature, writing and various forms of art.