A Poem by Rebecca L. Manoogian


The sideways Sun feels right to me,

it brings a calm, tranquility.

Neither has the day just begun

Nor, is it done,

it’s just an in-between.


I am leaning into love

the Sun of in-between


with its countless possibilities.

 Reflecting from here to there

exposing potential everywhere.


Yet, the sheer chaos of the in-between

 feeds my doubt

 what does it mean?


Uncertainty looms ahead.

Indecisiveness marks the way

creating borders WITHIN

where freedom cannot stay.


The sideways Sun allows for room.

It beckons me after morning’s call,

And eases me, into the night’s fall.


 Offensive is the first ray of light,

breathing down on me


 unrelenting, intensity

stifling my insight.


The Sun of in-between

is LOVE.

   It holds me gently,


shifting and igniting,

sparks of challenging delight.

Rebecca L. Manoogian is a creative person who thoroughly enjoys nature. She is a retired educator, fiber artist, zentangle teacher and spiritual director. Having always been drawn to the written word and recently retired, she joined a local memoir writing group. She writes poetry, essays and is currently working on her memoir, Notes from a Tree. She resides in the hills of Fleetwood, Pa. with her husband Robert and their two cats, Ernie and Margie.