Short Story Contest Submission Form

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2017 SHORT STORY Writing Contest

Short Story Submission Form







CHECK AGE CATEGORY: Grades 3-6 _____Grades 7-12 _____    Adult ______

STORY TITLE_________________________________________________________________

  • Attach or include author’s BIOGRAPHY of 50 words or less after the story.
  • Story must be original and not previously published. See word limit on Rules page.
  • Stories must be submitted typed, #12- Times New Roman font, double spaced.
  • Winners may be asked to re-submit their stories for publication on the Pearl S. Buck Writing Center’s Blog Site or in its Literary Journal.
  • Pearl S. Buck Volunteer Association and PSB Writing Center retains the rights to publish with author credit.
  • Entries must be received by April 15, 2017 to ~
  • Contest Winners will be announced at Pearl S. Buck ‘s 125th Memorial Birthday Party ~ June 26, 2017
  • Each submission will be acknowledged by a return email from Cindy Louden

Contest IS open to PSB Writing Center members. Contest not open to PSBI staff or PSBVA volunteers. 

I agree to the terms of this Pearl S. Buck Writing Center’s
Short Story Writing Contest ________________________________________

Writer’s email address_______________________Date submitted__________

If writer is under 18, please have a parent or guardian fill out the permission below.

Print Parent/Guardian Name ____________________Phone # ______________

Print Parent/Guardian email________________________________________

The Pearl S. Buck Short Story Writing Contest is sponsored by
the Pearl S. Buck Volunteer Association & the Pearl S. Buck Writing Center
Cynthia L. Louden, Chair  267-421-6203