Sans Poetic Indentation

By John McCabe


A culture has declined, not reading poems, nearly not at all?

What form of commune, a mutually ungluing into senseless?

What possessions both speech and song not shared, not earned?


Meter and rhyme in deepness, that spiritual relationship with nothing

Without poetry – the driving forces behind all heightened language

Slaughter of thought, banality in dull sculpture, and no indentation at all.


A notch, recess, or hollowed-out place in something such as an edge,

Our boundary line, or coast, the leaving of space between the meanings

A poet’s work, the beginning of a line, or the blank space finally stated

John McCabe, a lifelong writer in all genres, is an active member of the Writers Guild at the Pearl S. Buck Writing Center. His novel The Grey Pennies of Wars centers on his experience as a young soldier undergoing atomic bomb testing in Nevada and is actively seeking a publisher.