A Poem by Susan E. Wagner


Arms outstretched to catch the living

Water, that falls so gently, gathering

Flora pollens to distribute where needed –

It is sufficient for now, a promise to leaves,

To plant-roots and trees, a warning to the

Little critters, those chipmunks that race

Across the grass, throwing themselves down

Hidey-holes. The birds take the warning to

Heart. They fly back and forth to the feeder

For its sunflower seeds or the earth for its bugs,

Snug and full in their nests by the time thunder



My arms are still there, stretching to capture

This wild water, this bit of uncontrollable life,

This living grace that slides into my parched

Soul as easily as it slides down to roots.

There I am, for one moment, a part of creation

That knows its place and revels in its glory.

Susan Wagner is the author of Unmuted: Voices on the Edge, a collection of hybrid poetry on mental illness and families. She has taught professional and creative writing and is an editor with The Pearl S. Buck Writing Center. She will graduate with an MFA in Creative Writing in May 2021. Her poem, “The ER” was recently selected for Unique Minds: Creative Voices at Princeton University.