Linda D’s Freebie Books for Guild Members

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Hardcover books:

Creating Unforgettable Characters, by Linda Seger, 1990

How to Write Sales of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction,
edited by J. N. Williamson, 1987, [26 famous authors tell all]

Journalists in Action, compiled by Dean Edward W. Barrett, 1963
[63 stories exemplifying the craft]

Rodale’s The Phrase Finder – 3 vols. in one: Name Words, Metaphors,
and Sophisticated Synonyms

Roget’s Super Thesaurus, 2nd Edition, 1998

Simple & Direct – A Rhetoric for Writers, by Jacques Barzun, 1975

The Writer’s Digest Guide to Manuscript Formats, 1987

Writing in Flow – Keys to Enhanced Creativity, by Susan K. Perry, Ph.D., 1999

Writing Screenplays that Sell, by Michael Hauge, 1991

Writing Short Stories for Young People, by George Edward Stanley, 1987

Paperback books:

Chambers Etymological English Dictionary, A. M. Macdonald, 1968

Dictionary of Root Words and combining Forms, by Donald J. Borror, 1971

Errors in English and Ways to Correct Them, 3rd Edition, by Harry Shaw, 1986

Fiction – An Introduction, By Robert DiYanni, 2000

For All the Write Reasons, by Patricia C. Gallagher, 1992
[40 authors on how to get your book published]

The Power of Writing, by David W. Chapman & Preston Lynn Waller, 1994

Take Joy – A Writer’s Guide to Loving the Craft, by Jane Yolen, 2006

Plus: Collection of 13 Nevil Chute paperback novels: pages toned but readable.