Either Here or There

By John A. McCabe

How can this be life and death the same?

How can you be this in both worlds?

The living and the dead belong

What choices now do you have?

Some are near and some are dead

The living and the dead belong

Life, its journey moving. Its Spinning

Moving always between moon and sun

The living and the dead belong

You have brothers, sisters, friends, all

Your love skates fast the ice and wind

The living and the dead belong

Night and sun for you, your eyes and mind

The air is yours to fly and breathe or no.

The living and the dead belong

You are an eternity on a cliff of time

Let your heart rule both flesh and soul

Whilst the living and the dead belong


John A. McCabe, a lifelong writer in all genres, is an active member of the Writers Guild at the Pearl S. Buck Writing Center. His novel, The Girl in Japan: A Young Soldier’s Story, centers on his studies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A short story writer, he also authored two short story collections. The first, Tracks Through Our Lives, published by The Pearl S. Buck Writing Center Press, tells Philadelphia stories and tales of remarkable friendships. His second collection, The Bridge Walker, consists of seventy short story titles. He was published by the National Society of Collegiate Scholars 2010 as a U. Penn Chapter participant with his story The Wedding Guests. His works appear in the PSB Literary Journal. He has also published poetry. John was a recent Presenter at the West Virginia University Gateway Conference honoring the legacy of Pearl S. Buck. His topic was Pearl’s 1959 novel Command the Morning, her historic fiction exposé of the Manhattan Project. Mr. McCabe was also a Presenter at the 10 June 2019 National Association of Atomic Veterans 40th annual convention in Dayton. Visit him at www.mccabeauthor.com