Doggie Straits

Doggie Straits

A Poem by Jennifer Klepsch

Try, try to explain 

the arrow that shot

My doggie’s tail.

The raised adrenaline

Shows in your beet-red face

With eyes bugged to the max

My, my patience, you are starting to tax.


She tells me

Her friend ran after shooting

And threw the bow

Two people suddenly become three

What a bunch of nonsense

Does this woman even have a conscience?


I grow more impatient as she is still yapping about a ghost person.

Guyer, my dog is whimpering,

His blood on the ground is tainting,

Decorated by a weapon with skin.

What a hellish day it has been.


 Cuddling my now injured canine friend,

My scarf wraps around his wound.

Kat, the school associate, stands beside me shaking.

I consider her the perpetrator.

Guyer and I wait for a ride to the vet .

My friend Joe will be here soon.

Oh heck!


Oops, something drops on my head

an apple!

Examining the source of my headache,

I see a sticky substance like glue.

What is this — a mystery too?


“Joe, Joe over here!”

Noting my associate’s face drop like a stale plum

I call Joe again.

Guyer starts to whimper and then

My associate Kat acts like she’s in a lion’s den.

“Get in the car quickly,” says Joe.


Poor dog with a hole in the tail

“Did you apologize to Kat for grabbing the bow out of my hands?”

“What are you talking about, Joe?”

Kat’s face drops, eyes tearing.

Joe points to Kat, almost daring.

“You know Kat, you need more practice shooting an apple.”


I look over at Kat with disgust

And in deep cogitation and with certitude

and trust I say,

“Isn’t that the apple’s truth!”

Jennifer Klepsch has a multi-cultural background. She has skills in
teaching and office administration. Jennifer loves the art of storytelling. “Why don’t you just write it?” was often spoken to her, so she began her writing career. Presently working on a children’s book series and a young adult futurism novel.