Child’s Vision

Child’s Vision

 A Memoir by Fred Donaldson

No tv then for viewing, months to pass in bed, playless times at eight, only tales for reading.

Balloons rising, ready now for world’s travel, as iron ships are sunk to swim inside the sea.

Whispered pity, mom to dad, sad for them, hurt to hear, heart weak, future fail if body grows.

Fate’s whispers heard, bed devours, lost in pillow’s comfort, no chance of always resting here.

Brightest flash, changing weak to power, near the ceiling, floating, looking at a scene below.

Doctor frowning, mother trying smiles to child, as father stands, defying now, as if no future.

In fearless flight above the lips still moving, unsure what to follow, fading sight and into bed.

New day waking, mother waiting, tears and tale of night near mourning, fearing life was lost.

Years pass, more pain and bed, but moments found of fondest vision, flying high into the light.

Fred W. Donaldson just out of Central High in February, 1959, began his writing career as copyboy for the Evening and Sunday Bulletin. Many promotions later, worked rewrite and general assignment until leaving there in 1965 to edit two Montgomery County newspapers. In 1972 became Sr. VP of InterCounty Newspapers (18 titles) and their President/CEO in 1993. Named publisher and division CEO in 1998 of Journal Register Co. (NYSE: JRC). Retired in 2007. Served three terms as president of synagogue BTBJ and held various posts with the regional and national United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ).