Writers Guild & Webinar News

By Linda Donaldson

We welcomed a dozen members and our editors to our March 21st Writers Guild Zoom meeting. It was heartwarming to “see” each other for the first time in months. We had six writers’ selections to discuss.

First, a short story by John McCabe, “Virus Days with a Six-Year-Old” about the sweet interaction between generations. Some suggested that John’s initial paragraphs, that “set the stage” of the time and circumstances, should not be at the beginning. Everyone enjoyed the mystery of the toothpaste.

Next came a poignant, very frank expression of grief and coping, “A Place of In-Between” by David Werrett. Members all had a deep and emotional reaction to the raw sense of loss that David expressed. We agreed that the story might be a good one to share with family or friends experiencing loss.

Megan Monforte shared the first part of her story “Arizona” about a widow trying to process her loss, as she relives the mounting tension with her husband in the days before his death. We all want to read the next part to find out what’s next – the best compliment for an author.

“Life Lessons” by Tom Wray examines a man’s relationship with his late father and the last gift he received from his Dad. The symbolism of his loss and the gift prompted many of us to identify the ways in which we also connect certain items or experiences with the presence of a lost loved one.

Daphne Freise, in her story “Waiting for Vishnu’s Train” painted a picture of war and its desolation with incomparable realism. The mixture of despair and hope in the mature 14-year-old girl is compelling. This story is part of a much longer work. We all anticipate the next installment.

Finally, Barbara Sera shared a story she had written some years ago, “Postscript – As It Was in the Beginning,” about the spiritual connection in childhood with ikons. Barbara shares their history and describes their influences both at home and in church throughout her life and ministry.

The universal themes of coping, loss, grief, spiritual connections and remembrance in these works made for a moving and inspirational meeting of discussion, support and fellowship.

At the conclusion, we asked members to send their selections for next month’s April 18th Zoom meeting to me at lindadonaldson@verizon.net by April 10th so I can forward to the group for comments. Please remember to include your email address on your Word doc.

We encouraged all Guild members to read the Winter 2020-21 issue of our PSB Literary Journal at psbwritingcenter.org. Watch for our announcement soon of our next issue’s theme and deadline.

It’s not too late to sign up for our two April webinars:

Building Your Audience and Your Platform
A Zoom Webinar with Pamela Varkony
Tuesday, April 13th from 1 to 2:30 p.m.

You are a writer; you have beautiful words you want to send into the universe. First you have to get published. In today’s world, most agents and publishers will insist you have a platform before they consider representing you.

In this webinar we will guide you through the steps you need to take to start building that platform now in advance of contacting an agent or self-publishing your book.

Registration fee of $25 required. (see registration info below)

Foundations of World Building for All Genres
A Zoom Webinar with Donna Galanti
Saturday, April 17th from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.

 Donna shares methods of world building that any writer can apply. From the smallest details to the rules of its universe, discover the way a considered approach to world building can govern the hearts of your characters and help drive your story.

Topics include: elements of world building, using world building to support conflict and tension, world building questions and resources, seven main areas that serve as the foundation for your worldand what to avoid in building your world. Donna also shares real-book examples to supplement her topics.

Registration fee of $25 required. (see registration info below)

The Writing Center has a 2-step Registration Process for ALL our PSB Writing Center Zoom Classes:

 1) Please send your Email & your Home/Cell Phone to Cindy Louden at clouden@pearlsbuck.org or call 267-421-6203

2) When she receives that information, she will forward your information to our PSB Volunteer Association President, Nancy McElwee, who will call you asking for your credit card information to process and return a receipt.

One thought on “Writers Guild & Webinar News

  1. Cindy & Nancy, I would like to attend some of these zoom meetings. I am not a writer… but I think it would be fun to listen and try to learn more.

    I am forwarding this email to some relatives in SC.

    my best phone is 215.345.8807

    Nancy call any time for my credit card number.

    You folks are amazing! This is so exciting.


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