Writers Guild, Literary Journal & Memoir Class

Calling All Writers!

Dump the winter doldrums and join our Writers Guild at Pearl S. Buck’s historic Green Hills Farm, 520 Dublin Road, Perkasie, PA, 18944 this coming Sunday, March 15th at 1pm.

We meet once a month (on the third Sunday from March through October) in the Cultural Center – Red Barn – for two hours of lively discussion as we share and critique our writing work-in-progress. Registration for The Writers Guild is available for our 2020 season now at https://pearlsbuck.org/writing-center/.

Join us and bring a sample [up to 3 pages] of your work to share. In a friendly atmosphere, we encourage, support, and challenge writers to improve whether they are experienced writers or beginners.

Literary Journal Update

Your editors are moving the deadline for our next issue, with the theme of Visions, up to April 30th.  Here is a hint from Anne Kaler about two different meanings of the word “vision” as in sightedness, or as in “vision quest”:

In all arts, both vision and VISION intermingle.  Indeed, both may exist at the same time and place in a character.  Take Oscar Hammerstein’s lyrics for Nellie in South Pacific.  When the bemused nurse questions herself, she sings of being a “cock-eyed optimist . . . I’m stuck like a dope with a thing called hope.”  Or look how the lyricists of Man of La Mancha when the delusional Don Quixote sings of pursuing “the impossible dream.” Is his vision quest real?  Probably not, given his time period, his age, and his mental health.  Again, look at the mixture of vision and VISION that character represents.

Here is a link to our submission guidelines for this issue: https://psbwritingcenter.org/submission-guidelines-for-psb-literary-journal-vol-5-no-1-spring-2020/

Memoir Class

We will be reprinting a recent newsletter article on this blog on Wednesday by Memoir Class instructor Linda Wisniewski. Linda writes about her experiences teaching Memoir writing to students here at Pearl S. Buck’s historic home. Keep an eye out for this revealing story.

Registration for her Memoir Class is still open at https://pearlsbuck.org/writing-center/


4 thoughts on “Writers Guild, Literary Journal & Memoir Class

  1. Hello,

    I have been looking forward to the restarting of our guild meetings and remain hopeful to see you all Sunday. I feel it is in order to check on the status of that plan in light of next-door Montgomery County closing many non-essential gatherings.

    I have not worked any flights since Christmas. I was to attend a workshop in the Alps a couple of weeks ago but I pulled out of it and stayed home instead, out of an abundance of caution. I’m not in the high risk demographic, but felt it was the responsible thing to do to not become a host and bring it home to vulnerable people. Tragically, that week northern Italy saw it’s worst exponential outbreak.

    I’m sure you’re watching the situation. If we do cancel the meeting, perhaps the participants would be interested in sharing/commenting via email.

    Best of health to you, Daphne Freise

    On Mon, Mar 9, 2020, 11:00 AM Pearl S. Buck Writing Center wrote:

    > Pearl S. Buck Writing Center posted: “Calling All Writers! Dump the winter > doldrums and join our Writers Guild at Pearl S. Buck’s historic Green Hills > Farm, 520 Dublin Road, Perkasie, PA, 18944 this coming Sunday, March 15th > at 1pm. We meet once a month (on the third Sunday from March thr” >

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    1. Daphne,
      You are acting wisely, as is the Staff of PSBI. I have just posted the cancellation of our March meeting of the Writers Guild. I will send a message to all members who have signed up for the Writers Guild this year regarding sharing of work via email. Thanks for your observations.

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    If Yeats this scourge endure

    How much has changed in our time.

    In time find thy most thoughtful space.

    We are frayed a bit a bit ah worry

    In faces look do we smile or frown

    Not a thing the same cep’t us once

    We sing in silence our minds heart

    Going back, going not to parted ways

    Or forward into that unseeing gaze.

    This the plan from first and all

    We live balanced from not at all

    She and He became flights to voice

    Soaring from a dream again to dream

    The rivers flowing for the free

    The oceans melted massifs be

    All is more and no less to see

    Alone for time on time are we

    Take us to your comfort warm

    Be that passing storm above our roof

    Be our bedding and gentle moor

    Is it time for time and us once more

    Jmccabe ©

    Class 2015 LPS U Penn


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