June Writers Guild Meeting Summary

By Anne K. Kaler

The June 17th meeting started at 1 pm in the upper area of the red barn. Cindy Louden (chair) and Anne Kaler (instructor) led the meeting where all seven attendees presented their writings which are summarized below.

Notice was given on several new sources for short stories and poems under the BookBaby ads. One of their downloads includes a list from Authors Publish Magazine of 180 journals who accept submissions of poetry and prose. Visit www.authorspublish.com.

Jane Bleam welcomed revision from the group on her continuing story of her daughter’s adoption from Korea, giving details of her physical and emotional journey to New York airport to receive the child. We are awaiting the details of her next chapter.

Melissa Triol began a new chapter and character in the tale of Eglantine whose murderous adventures we have been following. The group questioned her on the use of the name Eglantine only to find that it fits the character well.

David Werrett joined the group for the first time, presenting us with a poem/prose piece using sunflower seeds as a major analogy. David says that he writes at least one page a day on a different topic. A former pilot and businessman, David has published a book on Amazon Kindle entitled Abort! Abort! His website is www.dhwerrett.com .

Bob McCrillis read a short story told in terse language about the ambiguity of the title “Thanks for your service”. Bob is endeavoring to write at least one short story a week for a year, in the hopes that, as one writer said, “it is impossible to write 52 bad stories. At least one will be good.”

Meredith Betz brought a new story of the life of an old man whose goal is to immortalize people who died in the crashed cars he salvages. The group admired her details of the past and suggested that his goal be expanded into an artistic gesture to complete the story he recreates.

Joe Vitella added a partial chapter in his ongoing novel of strife in the city and the unrest of city gangs of teens. The form of the interview aided the real argument of gun control among the interviewer, the mayor, and the vehement supporter of the Second Amendment Rights. He assured the group that this argument was central to the gang warfare which his hero is negotiating.

Jennifer Klepsch read from the beginning of her novel The Door introducing her main character and her mother as the child herself sees and remembers it. She promises that her book will include mystical and mysterious parts as she continues the saga of the child seeking friends in a new environment.

The meeting adjourned at 3 pm. The next meeting will be held in on July 15th from 1pm to 3 pm in the Cultural Center.

Keep Writing!

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