Finding Your Market

by Sandy Cody

Editor’s Note: This message, shared with permission, is from Sandy Cody to her writing class at the end of this year’s classes.Sandy Cody

This will be our last meeting, but I hope you’ll find time in your busy schedules to keep writing. I’m in awe of what you’ve all come up with when given just a hint – and time. I think that’s what this class has been about – providing time and space for you to write.

If you want to send your “babies” out into the world, here’s something to get you started. Mainly, I suggest you just play around on the computer until you find something that looks interesting.

Here are some places to check out to submit your stories:

To find markets, just type in: Short story markets, Short story markets that pay, or Short stories on line

To publish your own story: for any of these, you create an account, then just follow the instructions. I have experience with Smashwords and Kindle. Both are pretty straightforward. I haven’t used Kobo, but a good friend has. I understand that you will get more hits from Canada and Europe on Kobo. – they will publish stories or books for whatever amount you set, even free. Free can be a good way to get feedback. Any length is acceptable here.  –  Their minimum price is 99 cents unless someone reports that the story is available elsewhere for less.

If you want to publish a print book – (maybe a collection of stories) –

Keep up the good work!

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