Creatively Intertwined

By Linda Donaldson

One constant in our guild meetings is the connections we writers make with each other through our writing. A poem inspires a short story, a memoir fosters several more, or a villanous character’s doppelganger is conjured in another author’s imagination as a protagonist.

Sometimes sharing our personal experiences can create a sort of “network” effect. I have made many references at guild meetings to my recent Daughters of the American Revolution membership and my quest to visit the towns in which my ancestors lived. At our June meeting, Jane Bleam brought in a recent certificate she was given from the Bucks County Chapter of the DAR honoring her for 30 years of dedicated service.

A singular achievement, and one full of years of volunteer work on behalf of our veterans, historic preservation, and promoting patriotism. Jane has written of her childhood in a loving family, a career in nursing and her work with the Girl Scouts. We look forward to stories of her work with the DAR.

I know I speak for us all when I add: Jane, we thank you for your service!

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